Joseph N. Goh (he/they/any) is a Senior Lecturer in Gender Studies at the School of Arts and Social Sciences, Monash University Malaysia. He holds a PhD in gender, sexuality and theology, with research interests in queer and LGBTI studies, human rights and sexual health issues, diverse theological, spirituality and religious studies, and qualitative research. 

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Goh can be contacted at joseph [dot] goh [at] monash [dot] edu

Photo by Puah Sze Ning
'Still, I must be faithful to my life; must hold on tightly to the bundle that I carry along as a travel companion; all the hurt, the sweet, the sour, the searing. For my promises are at one with my mind and heart; and they are sincere; and they have meaning and value for me. Of course the road is quite difficult now, and so interminably long. Sometimes my heart is easily sad and easily happy … but this is my life. My life has its risings; it has its falls' (Lin Fang-ju , Dialogue with Life, 1995)